The Importance of a Security professional

Uniformed and plain clothes security professionals address client’s security requirements by deterring illegal activity and safeguard assets and personal well-being from harm.

High occurrence sites targeted include construction sites, shopping centres, strip malls, office buildings, warehouses, and industrial buildings. Whether remote or residential, owners and operators require a vigilant presence to address incidences of vehicle theft, theft of merchandise or capital, vandalism, robbery, trespassing, and other criminal activity. Footprints’ security professionals are trained to observe, record, and report and will monitor premises, escort personnel, and be an overall presence to deter illegal activity.  Our team members can also act as reliable witnesses, appearing before courts to ensure justice is served.

Benefits of a uniformed security professional

  • Visibility
    The instantly recognizable uniform is beneficial as a deterrent and can be utilized in an emergency situation when our staff are needed for help or assistance.

  • Peace of mind
    Personnel and visitors to the premises are reassured upon seeing the security professional.

  • Deterrence
    Criminal activity decreases when a uniformed security professional is monitoring the premises.

  • Experience
    A uniform identifies the person and the security company as a team of experienced professionals.

Benefits of a plain clothes security professional

  • Covert
    A plain clothes security professional observes people, property, and situations without being identified as a security presence.

  • Trustworthy
    Plain clothes security professionals can be trusted to blend into their environment while still providing the security coverage required at the site.

  • Comfortable
    The plain clothes appearance is sometimes preferred in retail environments as uniformed officers may make some customers uncomfortable.

  • Frequency
    Plain clothes security officers spot security issues in a retail environment more frequently as people do not realize they are being monitored.

Hire both for diverse needs

Hiring both uniformed and plain clothes security professionals can be an asset for day-to-day business needs or event security. All of our security professionals at Footprints Security are professionally trained and work as a team. Contact us at Footprints Security or view a Location nearest you to discuss the best security solution for your needs.