Mobile Patrol Security is a cost-effective solution that helps to reduce risk to client sites and property. As an effective alternative to an on-site, static security professional presence, our Mobile Patrol Security may be the right solution to your security needs.

Our experienced Mobile Patrol Security Officers operate eco-friendly patrol vehicles and provide peace of mind for clients across the Island. Each vehicle is equipped with advanced GPS tracking devices and are supported by a trained Mobile Patrol Supervisor, 24-7. This ensures our clients receive the best possible service from our Mobile Patrol team, no matter what time of day.

The Footprints Mobile Patrol Security Officers perform periodic security checks and general patrol services at times determined by client needs. Mobile Patrol services reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism to client property, including commercial, industrial, or residential sites. The frequency of mobile patrol checks is custom-fit for each client; through consultation with the client, Footprints can help determine the security needs of the site. The level of security required at the site, risk associated with the work, and your budget will all be assessed to ensure you have the right security services for your specific needs.

To avoid dealing with the high costs of theft, vandalism, damage, and downtime from repairs, contact us today about Footprints Security’s Mobile Patrol services.

Business Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile Patrol Security is an effective preventative measure to protect your property from damage. We check for trespassers, ensure buildings are secure, ensure mechanical systems are working, and perform other routine security inspections as determined by your needs.  

Residential Mobile Patrol

Footprints Mobile Patrol Security provides vacation and holiday checks for many clients across Vancouver Island. We offer convenient Mobile Patrol checks any time during the day and night, both scheduled and at random times. Mobile Patrol Home Checks include a manual inspection of exterior doors, windows, locks, gates, storage sheds, garages, vehicles, and other assets on the premises. If requested by the client, Footprints patrol personnel will also bring mail and newspapers into the residence, and perform checks on the furnace, hot water tank, water pipes, alarm system, and more. If requested, we can even water your household plants!


Footprints Security’s Mobile Patrol team document all activities associated with the site. This includes arrival time, services performed while on the premises, and departure time. Customized reports can be provided to clients on a daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand basis. Should any matter involving the premises be deemed unusual or suspicious, Footprints will manage the situation per the specific agreement with the client and advise you of the details.

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

  • Less expensive than full-time, on-site static security

  • Effective security for clients with multiple sites and locations

  • Marked patrol cars that make thieves and vandals aware that the site is under surveillance

  • Efficiently patrol of locations that are isolated and at high risk of theft and vandalism

  • Easily patrol properties too large for a static security presence

  • Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - we are there when you aren't!

  • Flexible patrol times structured to the client’s needs and budget

  • Provide peace of mind to clients knowing that someone is patrolling their property

Alarm Response

Upon notification by the alarm monitoring company, Footprints will dispatch the closest Mobile Patrol Security Officer and promptly arrive at the property. Once on site, we inspect the premises and determine the cause of the alarm.  As soon as the cause of the alarm is determined, Footprints will resolve the issue and ensure the property is secure.  When Footprints responds to an alarm at your property, our security personnel generate a report and submit any findings to the alarm monitoring company and any other designated individuals.

Substantial Savings

Contact Footprints Security to discuss how we can offer you substantial savings by hiring Footprints directly as your First Responder.