Community & Corporate Social Responsibility 

Training & Employment Partners

Footprints collaborates with Ethos, a career management group that deals heavily with Vocational Rehabilitation clients. They frequently forward candidates and students that are facing various barriers to employment – both physical and cognitive. Qmunity Works LGBTQ2S, is a division of Ethos that focuses on the LGBTQ2S community and is another social group Footprints works with to provide training and employment. Footprints has also partnered with the Immigrant Welcome Centre in Nanaimo to offer employment opportunities to new Canadians.

Indigenous Relationships

Footprints is committed to strengthening the social bonds of the Island communities and build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples on whose traditional lands we live and work. Footprints has been extremely active in collaborating with First Nations and organizations through training and employment activities, and includes partnerships with many local Nations. To further this commitment Footprints has an Indigenous Relations Policy for all employees outlining Footprints’ relationship with and commitment to our local Indigenous communities. The policy includes Footprints’ commitment to Indigenous training and employment, as well as reiterating Footprints’ commitment to community investment and engagement with respect to our local Indigenous communities on whose land we live and work.

Safety & Inclusivity

Footprints Security is an equal-opportunity employer and promotes an inclusive environment. Our employees are trained in the Safe Harbour: Respect for All course, an award-winning AMSSA diversity and inclusion-training workshop for workplaces. Training is provided to understand the value of diversity and inclusion, address issues of discrimination in the workplace, and the benefits to attract and retain a diverse workforce and clientele.

Non-Profit & Charity Partners

Footprints has operations and offices in all major communities on Vancouver Island and in Powell River, lending to engagement in numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives by identifying, training, and hiring local staff in each community. Footprints contributes approximately $100,000 annually to local charities and not-for-profit organizations, and provides guard and mobile patrol services at no-cost or at-cost to organizations in need.


Footprints Security is always looking for motivated and trustworthy team members. We offer many promising opportunities that include competitive wages and flexible hours.