Sept. 14-18

COUrse type:
Basic Security Training (BST)
Nanaimo: #3A - 4890 Rutherford Road
Course Date:
Sep 14
Sep 18, 2020
Course TIME:
8:30 am
4:30 pm
Exam Date:
Sep 21, 2020
Exam TIME:
5:30 pm
8:00 pm

Footprints Security has resumed in-person training of the Basic Security Training (BST) course. In order to ensure a safe and healthy training environment for our trainers and students, the following safety measures have been put in place.

Student Limit

  • To ensure physical distancing can be maintained, we have limited the number of students in our BST courses to four (4) students per class. This ensures that our Trainer and each student will have a minimum of 2m of space between themselves and others.
  • Only the student themselves will be granted access to Footprints’ training facility.

Student Screening

  • Prior to the visitor being allowed entry into Footprints offices, students will be screened via Footprints’ COVID-19 Office Visitor Questionnaire daily to determine the risk they pose to others. If the student answers yes to any of the questions, they will not be granted entry to the office and will be asked to reschedule their training course.
  • If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms while in training, they are to leave the training facility immediately and be in touch with Footprints to reschedule themselves into a future course
  • Footprints reserves the right to cancel and reschedule training for individuals demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms, at the discretion of Footprints management.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Students are required to wear a mask at all times while at Footprints’ training facility
  • Footprints will provide one reusable, non-medical mask per student. Student’s are required to use the mask correctly per WorkSafe BC’s How to Use Masks guidelines.
  • Students will be offered a full-face shield (theirs to keep), use of which is optional
  • Students will be offered a door puller/pusher (theirs to keep) to open and close doors while at the training facility, use of which is optional

Hand Hygiene

  • Students must use hand sanitizer provided by Footprints each time they enter the training facility and adhere to proper hand hygiene throughout the course


  • Students will be assigned seats and are required to keep the same seats throughout the training course.
  • Students will be assigned a number based on their seat and are required to enter and exit the training facility in the order of their numbers to ensure they do not breach the 2m distance between themselves and other students.


  • Break timing, including washroom breaks, will be pre-determined at the beginning of each day, and all students must leave the training facility in the order of their assigned seat number to ensure physical distancing is maintained.


  • Entry and exit from Footprints’ training facility will be granted by seating number, and students are asked to line-up outside the training facility in order of their seat number. This ensures physical distancing can be maintained.

BST - Sept. 14-18
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