The Importance of a Security Guard

Hiring a security guard either in uniform or in plain clothes has many benefits and are specific to the business and the client needs.

Security guards help ward off criminal activity and protect your assets and personal well being.  Any business, community or high profile individual(s) can benefit from security,

Shopping Centres and strip malls are an excellent example of a property requiring a security guard. These properties are frequently targeted for vehicle theft, stealing in stores, vandalism, muggings, and other forms of criminal activity.

Office buildings are also a concern for vandalism, theft and security of personnel. Security guards in office buildings are able to monitor who enters and leaves the building, and able to offer services such as visitor sign in to ensure only authorized persons are allowed entry. Another benefit is a security guard can escort personnel to their vehicles.

Warehouses and industrial buildings are also targeted for theft or vandalism as these buildings are located in remote areas away from residences.

Events such as concerts, conferences, sporting events, public and private functions or weddings are also an excellent place to hire security guards to ensure the event operates smoothly.

Security guards are a great benefit to condominium and apartment buildings to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises and to ensure the visitor parking is not being taken advantage of.

Another benefit to a security guard is they make a Reliable witness.  A security guard can act as witness in a court of law.


  1. Recognizable. The uniform is instantly recognized, which in an emergency situation is beneficial to immediately approach the guard for help.
  2. Feeling of safety. Personnel and visitors to the premises are reassured by seeing the security guard.
  3. Hinder crime. Seeing a uniformed guard on the premises, immediately deters criminal activity.
  4. Status of Authority. A uniform identifies the guard and the security company as a team of experienced professionals.


  1. Internal Investigation. A plain clothes security guard can watch people looking as a civilian to see suspicious activities in the work place or at an event.
  2. Gain trust. A plain clothes security guard can gain peoples trust easier in order to find out important information.
  3. Customer Comfort. The plain clothes appearance is often preferred in companies based on the comfort of their customers. Uniforms tend make some people uncomfortable.
  4. Security enforcement. Plain clothes security guards will be able to spot security issues in any business or retail platform more frequently as people do not realize they are being watched by security.


Hiring both a uniformed and plain clothes Footprints Security guard could be an asset for a large event or for day to day business as the disruptive person might be deterred in being caught if they see the uniformed guard and a uniformed guard can deter new problems from arising at an event or function. At Footprints Security, all our security guards are professionally trained to work together to catch whoever it is that is causing trouble.

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