Security Consultation & Risk Assessment


Implementing appropriate security means for your corporate building and within the workplace can be a complex procedure. To ensure the best decision for the company, needs to be carefully balanced for the numerous security risks and various options against cost.

Effective security begins with a good company strategy plan that Footprints Security can assist you in. A good company strategy sets guidelines and provides structure so that security objectives may be identified and aligned with the business goals of the company.

Footprints Security can work closely with you to successfully achieve your overall security and business objectives that will save you thousands of dollars in time and capital for a better return on your investment.


Footprints Security Consultant division approaches each risk assessment by evaluating the company’s end goals and expectations of the scope of work for each project in order to identify the probable risks to the corporation.

Our Team at Footprints Security work very closely with our clients to establish the risk factors while assessing causes, including probable sources and the consequences to the action before determining which risk technique will resolve the clients needs. The Risk Assessment options Footprints Security Presents to the client will assist to safeguard the corporations assets, their people, property, intellectual and physical property, including maintaining the credibility of the company. Overall a risk assessment benefits our clients to make educated and informed decisions on to improve loss control and provide positive results throughout the company platform.

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