Private Investigation (P.I) Services 

Footprints Private Investigation teams are trained to the highest standards of Private investigative Services and are equipped with the latest technology to meet and exceed the needs of our clients anywhere on Vancouver Island.

Our licensed private investigators are available 24 hours a day and guarantee our clients complete confidentiality and utmost discretion in all Private Investigative and Surveillance Services they require.

We provide expert investigation services to Insurance Companies, Corporate Matters, Legal Concerns, and Government bodies. We also provide Private Investigation Services for personal client concerns that could be vital within their day-to-day lives. Some of these circumstances can be very complex in their nature and involve highly sensitive issues that could put many at risk of harm, so we work very closely with our clients to prevent unnecessary exposure to their cause and to their person(s).


As the economy changes and inflation increases, more employees are finding ways to take advantage of the system. Employees taking advantage of their employer, unbeknownst to the employer, can result in integrity breaches that large corporations and small business chance to lose thousands of dollars on annually. These infractions also compromise the overall reputation and morale of the corporation and those who work there.  If you are facing this concern within your organization, contact one of our Locations nearest you and connect with the Footprints team of experienced Investigators to put their knowledge and expertise to work with you.


At Footprints Security, our experienced professionals are provided specialized training for mobile, operations and technical surveillance. Why not confirm the truth sooner, than later?  Contact us so we can structure a surveillance plan to address your concerns.


Footprints Security Private Investigators detect and provide evidence of any employee or partner theft, embezzlement, kickbacks, harassment, conflicts of interests, sabotage or even substance abuse within your corporation by utilizing creative and innovative measures. When these investigative tactics are executed, they help prevent illegal acts by employees, business partners and associates or third parties.


Corporate espionage and the theft of intellectual property is on the rise due to an increase of companies who unknowingly hire individuals whose objective to be hired is to illegally record confidential conversations or steal important documents and intellectual information. This is a grave concern as this information is confidential and is vital to the success of the company from which it was stolen.


A non-competition agreement is used to protect the interests of the business, such as an employee who may leave the employment of the business and use the intellectual information gained while in the employment of the business and to start up their own business using the intellectual information or if the business is sold, that the previous owner of the business agrees not to start a similar profession or trade to go into direct competition with the new owner of the business. Contact Footprints Security if you feel that your non-competition agreement or clause has been jeopardized, We can help.


Employers are understanding the importance of how a workplace investigation can help them discover problems in the workplace between employees, management or a combination of both and how to best circumvent further occurrences from transpiring. Footprints Security are extremely qualified to conduct an internal or external investigation to correct and address these violations toward employer policies or unethical acts, fraudulent acts, discrimination against another, harassment or bullying, physical violence, mental abuse, decreasing job performance, employer and employer safety and or false allegations (to name a few) that can be a very complex and sensitive undertaking.

The main objective of Footprints Security is to provide documentation as factual evidence to support management making educated decisions on identifying the problems within the workplace and those of their staff.  A workplace investigation will also prove if there is, or has been any employee misconduct or wrong doing and to identify the employee(s) who are disruptive. These Workplace Investigations help identify and correct the wrongful actions against another and to improve the overall morale and productivity within the workplace.

Contact us today to discuss available options and most importantly, How We Can Help!


The top management of executives are usually the greatest benefit to any corporation, or can also be the main downfall to the business. This is where Footprints Security is needed!  We perform a current background check and execute a thorough surveillance procedure of these executives. When Footprints has completed the executive profiling on the individuals in question, an educated decision by the board or General Management can be formed.


The credibility of any corporation can be compromised by a breach of integrity. When this occurs,  there are grave consequences to the organization if not corrected. Footprints Security Investigators are highly skilled to structure an investigation package structured for your organizations intelligence and compromises the day to day activities of key personnel. By doing so, not only will your organization find clarity of the status and ethics of your key personnel, but will also ensure any integrity breaches do not affect the reputation of your corporation.


Footprints Private Investigators provide our clients with expert insight on the overall performance and morale of their staff by performing an internal investigation of their business. Our Private Investigators are trained extensively for any type of Undercover Investigations utilizing utmost discretion and professionalism from the start, to the completion of the investigation. There are various means we consider to work undetected with your staff to provide you with facts and intelligence, to internal concerns within your company. Throughout this process, our Footprints Investigators may also unearth additional problems that could hinder and harm the performance of your overall business operations.


Footprints Security offers an Employee Investigation Service which is performed before a prospective candidate is considered for a position by your HR Division. We conduct this investigative service by performing a detailed background investigation on the prospective employee, which includes researching the completed documentation by the candidate for accuracy and truth when seeking a position within your organization. Footprints Security will help ensure your corporation makes the right decision for the right candidate for the position as advertised within your company.

Allow Footprints Security to help you make an informed decision on who to hire. Our Investigative team will conduct a thorough background investigation of the best candidates chosen for the position which is vital to any successful hiring strategy. Footprints Investigators will provide information on the candidates from a variety of sources such as their online presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by performing a surveillance investigation on any new staff members or current ones that may be raising concerns within the company.


Digital data is an ever expanding source of on line internet tools and is a wealth of valuable data which involves web-based communities and social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter,  public data, professional and academic data sources.

Due to this, social media has become the main communication tool for people of all ages.  With digital data becoming the leader in online technology and ever evolving, our Footprints Security team of Private Investigators are highly skilled in staying on top of all the new methods to uncover intellectual property and information using all methods of online tools.

Rest assured. At Footprints Security, all our investigative methods are legal in order to support proof of evidence which can be used, either in small claims court or right to the Superior Court of Canada.

The following are a few of the Private Investigation tools we utilize on line, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media Research
  • Digital Data Investigations
  • Fact Finding and Sourcing
  • Monitoring Online Activity
  • Tracking Data
  • Recovering Deleted Information
  • Surveillance
  • Location IPS Tracking


The Footprints Security team of expert investigations have frequently proven to reduce claims of false accusations to ensure that the well being of the children in any custody case is the foremost priority. When the safety of a child is in question, this is a very grave concern to everyone, so we fully investigate all instances on behalf of our client to make certain the child is in the safest of hands.

Non payment of child support is another common occurrence where one of the parties avoids declaring employment. Footprints Private Investigators have also proven that many of these individuals do work but did not disclose, which our Private Investigators diligently work to expose these integrity breaches. Children need financial support and we are here to enforce this!


Contractual employment breaches can be very broad in their terms and if violated, can be a very costly concern for an organization to absorb as a breach is usually performed without the organizations knowledge and can include the selling of intellectual property.  Within the agreement can be a non-competitive clause that may have also been violated, which can also cost the organization. Footprints Security is very knowledgeable on Employment breaches and will work closely with you and your organization to structure an Investigation package to focus on these specific breaches of trust.


Our Private investigators at Footprints Security are specifically trained to expose any and all concerns within your organization or your loved ones finances which would indicate possible fraud or embezzling of funds.


Insurance Fraud is on the increase which can cost your business thousands of dollars. Many individuals exaggerate or falsify their information when involved in a motor vehicle accident, or have an associate steal items from their home or their vehicle or if it is a business, the individual may even damage their own property or premises with a major water leak or with arson to obtain a cash settlement.

Employees and business partners may also steal from Corporate facilities, which could end up costing the corporation thousands of dollars in lost inventory that is not fully insured or is irreplacable.

At Footprints Security, we have the best team of trained Special Fraud investigators on Vancouver Island who are all highly skilled Private Investigators and are motivated to uncover insurance fraud.

When conducting Insurance Fraud Investigations, we perform the following services, but are not limited to:

  • Video and camera Surveillance
  • Research Activity
  • Reference Check of Claimant
  • Witness interviews
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Door to door interviews
  • Complete detailed reports

Please contact us at a Location near you if you require our services in, but not limited to include: Motor Vehicle Claims, Bodily Assault claims,  Workers’ Compensation claims, Long-term Disability claims, Medical Claims and other General Liability claims.


With the advanced technology of today, our youth can access the world through their smart phone or their computer without the knowledge of the parent.  Video games, chat room and social media are the current trend which a perpetrator can easily become acquainted with the youth by utilizing these channels of communication.  Social media is also being used as a means to stalk, harass and bully the youth that has led to an increase in teenage suicides. Parents today face new challenges to keep their children safe from harm as their children can lead a private life the parent knows nothing about which could cause grave harm to the child. If you or your loved ones have concerns of your children’s activities or if they may be leading a secret life or notice a marked change of behaviour that has you worried,  Contact one of our Locations near you or Contact us for a confidential consultation on how Footprints Security can perform surveillance on your youth. Our Youth Surveillance investigations will also include a written report of the youths activities which comprises their lifestyle, any drug use and with whom, where and who they spend time with, if bullying is taking place or if they are being stalked or harassed in their day to life, on or off internet and social media.


If you are faced with using a Care Giver to look after your elderly loved ones while still living on their own and feel that your loved one is not being cared for properly, Footprints Security can soothe your anxiety by conducting a Private Investigation to provide factual evidence if your elderly loved one is being mistreated, abused or being neglected by the Care Giver (s).

If your elderly loved one is now residing in an assisted or extended care facility and you are concerned on the level of care your loved one is receiving within this assisted care facility, Footprints Security has various Senior Care Investigative and Surveillance options available to discuss with you. Contact one of our Locations nearest to where your elderly loved one is being cared for, so Footprints Security can provide you clarity on the status of care your loved one is receiving.


When a loved one disappears for an unusually long period of time or does not arrive at an appointed time or does not answer the phone after frequent tries to contact the person, red flags start which indicate a grave concern for the well being of your loved one.

When this occurs, Footprints Security is there for you as time is critical to find out what happened to your loved one. Please Contact us as soon as possible to discuss options that will provide you comfort on how we can help find your loved one through our Missing Person Investigative processes.


If a loved one’s death was never solved or you feel and innocent person was sentenced for the death of a loved one; At Footprints Security, our Private Investigators are highly trained to provide a fresh perspective when reviewing all the evidence in order in order to reopen the cold case file.

At Footprints Security, we believe in what your intuition is saying and have faith in your insight that there is evidence not found that can help solve your cold case. We take our work very seriously in order to give you the closure you desperately need and clarify the answers you seek. Contact Us Today.