Mobile Footprints Security Patrol

For over thirty seven years, 365 days, 24 hours a day. Mobile Patrol is the primary service our clients at Footprints Security prefer, as our Mobile Security Patrols are a cost effective solution to reduce risk and loss when a full-time security foot guard is not required.

Our experienced Mobile Security Patrol divisions operate eco green patrol vehicles with advanced GPS tracking devices which are linked into our 24 hour a day dispatch department at Footprints Security to ensure the best possible service and peak performance of mobile patrol to our clients.

The Footprints Mobile Security Patrol division performs periodic security checks at our clients residences, vacation retreats,  single buildings, strip malls, including other types of properties and facilities. Footprints Security Mobile Patrol vehicles are proven to protect our clients properties and facilities from any potential theft or vandalism when thieves or vandals see our mobile patrol division performing surveillance on the property.

The overall results of the Footprints Mobile Security patrol on the clients property relies greatly on the frequency of times the Mobile Security Patrol performs surveillance on the property. The amount of times the mobile patrol checks the property can be adjusted to adhere to the area and the risk associated to the subject property being patrolled.

Footprints Security Mobile Patrol checks are a cost effective solution to businesses and retail stores in relation to the cost of theft and vandalism damage, including the down time of the business operations while repairs from damage are completed.

Business Security Mobile Patrol

Random Mobile Patrols are a preventative way for Footprints Security Guards to check for trespassers, ensure buildings are secure, make sure mechanical systems are working, and perform other routine security inspections as part of the Mobile Security Patrol duties. Regular mobile patrol checks are usually all that is required to prevent expensive theft and vandalism from occurring.

Residential Security Mobile Patrol

Footprints Mobile Security Patrol provides vacation and holiday checks for many of our clients on Vancouver Island.  Mobile Security Patrol checks are very convenient for our clients as the Mobile Patrol checks can be scheduled or random, anytime day and night. These Mobile Security Patrol checks normally include a manual inspection of exterior doors, windows, locks, gates, storage sheds, garages, vehicles, and other items and buildings on the clients property. If our client prefers, Footprints Mobile Security Patrol will also bring in the mail and newspapers in to the residence or garage, check the furnace, hot water tank, water pipes, alarm system, and more. If requested, we can water your household plants for you too!

Benefits to hire Footprints Mobile Security Patrols

  • Less expensive than full-time security
  • Effective security for clients with multiple sites and locations
  • Marked patrol cars make thieves and vandals aware the site is under surveillance
    Check mechanical systems are working
  • Efficiently patrol isolated and high risk theft and vandal locations
  • Easily Patrol properties and premises too large for foot Security
  • Patrol multiple business and residential properties anywhere on Vancouver Island
  • Mobile Patrols available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays
  • Flexible Mobile Security Patrol times that are structured to the clients needs and budget
  • Ensure the safety of your residence while on vacation with our Mobile Security Patrols

Follow up with Client

To ensure our clients are aware of what we do to protect their interests, Our Footprints Mobile Security Patrols, records by documentation, when they arrive at the clients property, what services the Mobile Security Patrol performs while at the property and records the time the Mobile Security Patrol left the property. This documentation is prepared in customized reports and submitted either daily, weekly, monthly, or on demand.  Footprints Security then either emails, faxes or mails the information to the client.  If the Footprints Mobile Security Patrol finds anything unusual or suspicious while performing a check on in the premises or on the property, the Footprints Guard will manage the situation as per the agreed standard operating procedures between Footprints and the client.

Alarm Response

Footprints Security will promptly arrive at the property when the alarm monitoring company contacts us to ensure that the clients premises and property are secured and safe after the alarm is set off and only, if the property owner does not respond to the alarm monitoring company when contacted. When Footprints Security performs the services at the clients property, Footprints Security writes a report and submits the report to the Alarm Monitoring Company on the status of the findings.

Substantial Savings to Client

Contact Footprints Security to discuss how we can offer you substantial savings by hiring Footprints directly as your First Responder as an option, instead of using who your alarm monitoring company chooses on your behalf.