Amazing client service doesn’t happen by accident. It happens on purpose!

Guest Services

Our Guest Services personnel provide a professional and friendly interaction to members of the public and clients. Our personnel will welcome your visitors, answer inquiries and provide exceptional client service. All our Guest Services personnel have excellent written and verbal communication skills and practice active listening. They are able to effectively and efficiently provide information and support to members of the public.


Like Guest Services personnel, Concierge personnel provide client-focused non-security services in high profile settings. Often tasked with duties such as door watches, providing information to the public, or assisting with events, concerts and sporting events, our Concierge personnel excel at interacting with others and always demonstrate a polite and professional demeanor.


First Aid Attendant

First Aid Attendants provide similar roles to Guest Services and Concierge personnel; however, they also hold a valid Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1, OFA Level 2, or OFA Level 3 certification. In addition to client service, First Aid Attendants provide medical treatment as required to the public.

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