Corporate Security

Footprints Security provides protection services to executives, individuals and corporate groups. Our professionally trained personnel safeguards all executives, shareholders, appointed officials and all parties who comprise the corporation who are requiring additional security.

With Footprints Security providing over 38 years of security and protection to corporations in the business world, we are highly specialized to provide comprehensive security solutions that ensure the safety and well being of every person who requires safeguarding.  We take nothing to chance as a premier provider of corporate protection services as the safety of our client is our foremost responsibility. We start with advance planning to implement a fully secured environment and execute the plan with our highly trained team from commencement to completion.

Our Corporate Security Services include, but not limited to:

  • Labour Disputes
  • Investigative Services
  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Security and Risk Management Consultations
  • Employee Working Alone Safety

V.I.P. Protection Services

The Footprints Security V.I.P. Protection Services is structured to safeguard individuals and small groups. Our team of security guards provide personalized protection services for celebrities and any V.I.P.  requiring specialized security.

Each client is unique in their needs to provide personalized security and protection, so before we provide a comprehensive security solution that guarantees personal safety, we engage with the client to fully understand all of the concerns to ensure all measures of security are implemented before proceeding.

Our V.I.P. Protection Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Executive and Group Protection
  • VIP Personalized Protection
  • Courier Service for Valuables
  • Special Event Security
  • Film Location Security
  • Room and Hotel Security
  • Counter Measures and Prevention Strategies
  • Vehicle Transit Security
  • Threat Assessment and Analysis
  • Family Security

If you are requiring Corporate or V.I.P. Protection Services anywhere on Vancouver Island, please review our Locations list for the one nearest you.

For additional information on how we can better protect you, please Contact Us.