Construction and Industrial Site Security

At Footprints Security, our priority is protecting your employees and your investment while at Construction and Industrial sites.

Theft and property damage in Industrial sites and Construction projects have dramatically increased over the last few years and continue to rise.

Construction sites are usually deserted after the crews leave in the early evening and do not return until the next work day. Leaving the site unattended and vulnerable to potential theft or vandalism. Because of this, construction sites are an ideal target for thieves after working hours, during holidays or on weekends.

Thieves are stealing everything from copper wire, expensive mechanical equipment, power tools, generators and construction materials such as plywood, windows, etc.  These criminal actions can cause heavy financial losses and are expensive in time delays to the investor and the developer of the project.

Vandalism is also a grave concern as the cost to replace, repair or refurbish diminishes the net return of profit to the investor. Arson is also on the rise for a number of reasons and can be cost prohibitive to completing the development at the original agreed price between all parties.

At Footprints Security we provide a full range of services to protect and safeguard industrial businesses, residential real estate developments and construction sites. Through the eight (8) locations we service on Vancouver Island ranging from Victoria to Campbell River, Footprints Security is able to deliver personalized security solutions to eliminate your risk of theft and vandalism in order to mitigate construction losses caused by criminal activity and unsafe work environments due to vandalism.

With over 38 years in the Security Services industry, Footprints Security has proven to provide in depth expertise to structure an effective and efficient security solutions package adapted to specific construction sites.

To protect construction sites, industrial sites and real estate project developments, we offer a wide range of security services:

  • High profile security guards
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Risk assessment
  • Site access control
  • Fire safety standards
  • Loss and theft prevention methods
  • Traffic control
  • Enforcement of safety standards
  • Security foot guards 24/7
  • Administer first aid/CPR to assist workers and visitors
  • Identify safety hazards to address to site supervisors
  • Provide ‘real-time’ security reports using our state of the art SilverTrac technology

Whether in a high risk conflict zone or day-to-day operations, Footprints Security can provide effective and affordable security services that support development and construction projects of any size. Our security practices are structured to keep your work environment safe. Rest assured, at Footprints Security, we are committed to providing a safe and professional work environment with our work safety program directed by a “no accident” objective and focuses on our clients requisites.

Before you finalize your security measures for your proposed construction site or current real estate development project, Contact Footprints Security for a cost effective security solutions plan that works for you.

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