Community Patrol on Bicycles

The Bicycle Patrol division of Footprints Security provides a specialized service to our clients as a bicycle can increase the amount of coverage and are able to ride through crowded areas, on sidewalks, monitor isolated locations, easily manoeuvre around obstacles and are difficult to detect due to the greater mobility and stealth of the select mountain bikes used for this purpose.

The Bicycle Patrol division of Footprints Security is actively engaged with the community and its members. This allows our personnel to build a deeper relationship and trust within each neighborhood and be invisible when needed. The Bicycle Patrol service has received excellent feedback from citizens who have commended that they are more approachable on bicycle, are less evasive and less confrontational than other forms of patrol.

Because of these reasons, a mountain bike is ideal when our Bicycle Patrol personnel encounter any questionable activity as they are not immediately visible and can assess the situation before being seen.  In addition, if an individual or persons attempt to run, the Bicycle Patrol has a speed advantage and can easily be dismounted if necessary.

Footprints Security Bicycle Patrol helps to reduce the actions of crime within a community and can also assist with crowd control at parades, street fairs or markets.

Footprints Security is the first company on Vancouver Island to provide a Bicycle Patrol service as a security measure to suit our client’s best interests.

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