Retail Security

The most common crime on Vancouver Island, British Columbia is Theft.  From Victoria to Campbell River and to the extreme Northern and Southern sectors of Vancouver Island, including all the communities in between who operate small businesses and cannot afford the cost of theft or the cost of insurance due to repeated shoplifting.

Over 22,000 retail workers suffer from attacks due to a criminal action or theft taking place in the establishment of the business (according to January 2010 statistics). With the Professional Security Services of Footprints Security, risk of theft is drastically reduced. Our Security Guards make it their business to protect your business.

With over 37 years experience in retail security, the expertise of our highly trained security divisions at Footprints Security is unrivalled anywhere on Vancouver Island. When it comes to loss prevention, our expert team of staff and guards can assess your facilities and consult with you on a variety of security solutions to address what your company could benefit from.


Footprints Security guards are fully trained to deliver the best and safest service possible.

Our security guards help decrease theft, shoplifting or other means of criminal activity by being highly visible and in uniform while they patrol the property our clients’ properties.

Our Security team keeps up to date on the newest and innovative Security techniques to be versed in the most current technology of what works and does not work in order to understand the common crime patterns.  Due to the extensive and ongoing technology our security guards are trained in, they are prompt to take control of the situation as well as adapt to a number of unforeseen circumstances.

Not only do we perform Park Patrol to protect all corners of the exterior of the business facilities, we also look after such emergencies as bomb threats right to administrating basic first aid assistance.

Securing and safeguarding your retail business holdings is paramount to our business success and we do not compromise our security services we perform for our clients as it is our Security Guards who uphold our excellent reputation we have maintained for over 40 years. Without our highly trained Security Guards and our ever-increasing clients, we would not be the leader in the Security Services industry on Vancouver Island as we are today.

We Secure Retail businesses, but are not limited to:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • Travelling tourist attractions
  • Amusement parks
  • Gift stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Customized Retail Security Solutions

Footprints Security provides customized retail security solutions that are structured to the unique needs of our client’s business premises and designed around the client’s security budget.  Our focus it to make  our clients business a safer place for customers to patronize them.

If you are requiring Retail Security anywhere on Vancouver Island, please review our Locations for the one nearest to where your retail business is.  For more information on how we can patrol your parking, please Contact Us.