Footprints: Home Watch Guaranteed Residential Security, Wherever You Are


Whether you are away for a week, a month, or a year, Footprints Security guarantees to safeguard the security of your family, home and property. Statistics show that your residence is three times more likely to be broken into and invaded without any home security.

That’s why Footprints Security offers home watch services covering all of Vancouver Island. While you are away, we can offer you a schedule of checkups and services to ensure that the well being of your property is taken care of and your home insurance requirements are met.

You can count on us to safeguard your residence for your home or as an investor in residential buildings. We fully understand that your home and your family are your most precious asset and we are committed to providing you the best security services on Vancouver Island.

Some of the Home Watch Services we perform for your home, but not limited to are:

  • Heating inspection
  • Water damage inspection
  • Home damage inspection
  • Appliance checkup
  • Plant watering
  • Mail pickup
  • Exterior security checks
  • Interior security checks
  • Garage checks
  • Storage shed checks



If you hold real estate investments such as a high rise or apartment block, Footprints Security provides you complete peace of mind. The security of your investment is taken care of by our highly trained staff to meet the security demands for your premises and that of your tenants.

Our security personnel will effectively patrol and monitor all areas of your building and property to ensure no vandalism or break ins occur.

Savings on your commercial property insurance can also be realized if your insurance provider is aware you have professional security services on site to protect your investment.

With our fully customizable schedule, we can provide the exact services structured to your specific needs.

Stay in the know when on the go:

With innovative technology, our electronic reporting service of SilverTrac, allows you to checkup on the status of your home and investments, whenever and wherever you choose.  However long you are gone, your interests are just as safe as when you left.

If you are requiring home watch or resident security anywhere on Vancouver Island, please review our Locations for the one nearest to where your property is.

For more information, visit our contact us page here.

Long term client. Very satisfied with the overall service.

-Nanaimo, BC