Fire Watch

If your fire alarm has been disabled, has a temporary failure or is not working effectively,  or needs to be replaced or is non existent, Footprints Security can help with our  “Fire Watch” service.

Until your fire alarm system is reactivated or replaced,  Footprints Securer will ensure the safety of the facility and the area that is a fire concern.  The Fire Watch guard division are highly trained and skilled to perform evacuation techniques, use of extinguishers, first aid, CPR and Risk Management.

We provide the experienced and qualified officers needed to run 24-hour fire watches.  As part of our Fire Watch Service, our Guards provide and prepare detailed fire watch reports as proof that you were conforming to the standards of the Provincial Fire & Building Codes.

Contact Footprints Security to help you structure a Fire Watch Security Plan that will safeguard your premises and location.

Emergency & Crisis Management Security

Our highly skilled security personnel at Footprints look at emergency preparedness and crisis management to help our clients implement these programs.

Working with our resource partners, Footprints Security provides a comprehensive range of emergency preparedness and crisis management services that assist our clients’ property management and give added value to their tenants.

These services include, but are not limited to:

On site seminars to educate on various topics such as:

  • Fire Evacuations
  • Personal Safety
  • Disaster Planning

Visit our Locations and find the one nearest to where you are located or the nearest location to your asset.

Contact us to find out how Footprints Security can help you develop a unique emergency preparedness and crisis management plan for your location by Footprints utilizing our wide network of resource partners.