Basic Security Training

Whether you are considering the security industry as a long term vocation or part time to help subsidize your academics as a student or if you are semi – retired, we can help you!

At Footprints Security we only hire the best candidates to safeguard our clients. This starts with extensive training by Footprints Security and the first step is the Basic Security Training program.

To work as a security guard in the provinces of British Columbia all applicants are required by law to complete the BST (Basic Security Training) certification-training course. By successfully completing Footprints’ provincially-recognized, 40 hour BST training program, you will eligible to apply for a Province of British Columbia Security Worker’s Licence.

Our in class training presents digital presentations and practical examples, leaving you fully prepared to work as a uniformed security officer or mobile patrol driver, a monitoring control operator or loss prevention worker, or one of the many more available positions in the industry.

Our BST course covers the following required content:

  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Legal Studies
  • Report Writing
  • Personal Safety

Upon successful completion of our five-day BST training course, individuals chosen for employment by Footprints can expect:

  • Competitive Wages
  • Steady full-time or part-time shifts
  • A safe work environment
  • Flexible employment
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Flexible work sites throughout Vancouver Island

Once you are certified, many opportunities in the security industry are available for you to pursue. Contact us for further information.