Our Company

Footprints Security is a 100% locally-owned and operated security services provider on Vancouver Island and has the largest mobile patrol and alarm response fleet on Vancouver Island.We have spent the past three decades building our business in every major city and community on Vancouver Island to provide our clients superior security services.

The safety and security of Vancouver Island communities is close to our hearts because we live here too. We’ve raised three generations of family here. Vancouver Island is our home and we know every inch of it!

At Footprints Security, we are:


We take our work seriously and are committed foremost, to client service. Our end goal is complete satisfaction for our clients, and we engage and operate our business to ensure this goal is met.


We are invested in all the Vancouver Island communities beyond our business. We share a common vision to preserve Vancouver Island’s reputation as an incredible place to live, ensure a safe and friendly environment to raise our families in and remain an active organization outside of our business interests on Vancouver Island.


We strive to meet our commitments and we always do.  Our continued success has built our reputation in keeping our promises, and we believe those promises include going beyond what is expected of us.


We work hard to excel in all aspects of our business, which is security measures and solutions.  The importance of always exploring innovative ways to expand our security services, maintains us as a leader to deliver state of the art and old fashioned security services combined all in one.  We are always available to our clients and are open to new ideas and innovative ways of working together.


We continually strive to improve our security services, processes and procedures in all areas by adhering to the principles of our ISO certification and seeking new and better ways to serve our clients.


We are committed to continual training and development of our team members in order to provide unparalleled professionalism and uncompromising client care.


We collaborate in the workplace where our people are treated with respect. The values our management team holds are ingrained in us from family values we were taught at a very young age, and the initiatives we have taken over the years are a key factor in the ongoing performance of our company.


We respect our client’s privacy.  All information provided to Footprints Security is kept confidential, unless Footprints Security is authorized by our client to disclose.


Every member pf our team from management, to administration, to our security personnel, are friendly, approachable and very personable when in contact with a client, their clients, visitors and guests, either by direct association or unexpectedly encountered at an event, a hotel, a condo or anywhere Footprints Security is safeguarding or protecting a client’s investment.